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"These books are worth their weight in gold... real gardener’s
companions in the truest sense of the word.”
– East Bay Living"

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The only books focused on gardening challenges in your region. Great gifts for and from gardeners. Available where all good books are sold, including A Novel Idea in Bristol, Barrington Books in Barrington and Island Books in Middletown or click on the books to purchase on Amazon

Don H., RI Master Gardener
Every gardener needs a companion. URI Master Gardener, Barbara Gee’s new book, The Rhode Island Gardener’s Companion: An Insider’s Guide to Gardening in the Ocean State, is the perfect companion for first-time and seasoned gardeners. It is more than a how-to-book. ...This is one garden book that readers will dog-ear, highlight, underline and fill with margin notes. Barbara’s book is a true gardener’s companion. It begs to be read!

Luke O., Newport, RI
I'm new to gardening ... and I just bought a house with a frighteningly large vegetable garden, so I was very happy to see your book on the shelf. I'm sure many others will be just as excited.

Providence Journal Review

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Barbara B. Portsmouth, RI
“I am loving every word of it. I’ve suggested this book to many of my gardening friends. It’s wonderfully written! The information is clear, concise and interesting. Gee has packed a lot of info into this little masterpiece. I’m savoring the experience of reading it.”

Madeleine C., Massachusetts - for the Northeast Organic Farming Association
“The writing is clean and straightforward without being dry, providing a navigable roadmap for gardening with ecological sensitivity... Early on Gee reminds the reader that “Gardening is an act of collaboration between you and Mother Nature...if you want the collaboration to be fruitful, it helps to know with whom or what you are dealing.” These spirit-oriented comments, sprinkled liberally throughout the book, like compost on the garden, cast a magical light onto the art of gardening. But complementing this artistry, you’ll also find plenty of good, hard science.”