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"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so"
- Hamlet

Barbara Gee with her dog Toby

I was born in London and spent the first half of my life there. My father was English but my mother was American. She arrived in England during World War II having traveled in convoy on a troop ship as a Red Cross Nurse. Their story was exciting, to say the least. This mixed heritage imbued me with a strong connection to both countries. I first visited America in 1972. I traveled, worked and lived in various parts of the country arriving in San Francisco, where I stayed for three years before moving to New York. I lived in Manhattan for six years working for the PBS station, WNET.

I love to travel and so following my time at WNET I took on a project as Media Director for the new Jian Guo Hotel in Beijing, China. This took me there a number of times and also afforded me the opportunity to live and work in Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities.

I now live in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, with my husband who teaches theater at Roger Williams University, and my two college-age daughters, both of whom are studying theater and are excellent writers. My father and my grandfather were both writers specializing in the press and public relations so, as you can see, it runs in the family.

My loves, apart from my family, are our Golden Retriever, Toby, our two cats Noelle and Horatio (after the Shakespeare character, not CSI!), gardening, yoga, kayaking, reading, movies, and spending time with friends in small gatherings.

I am a certified yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance. I currently teach at three studios in Rhode Island and have my own practice teaching Kumbhak Yoga.