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Press Release for Portsmouth Middle School, Rhode Island

Spring Car Wash to finance Dude and The Royal Flying Omelettes
The Portsmouth Middle School’s Winning Destination Imagination Team
as they head to the World Finals

A SPRING CAR WASH, Sunday, May 20, 10am to 1pm at Clements’ Market, East Main Road, Portsmouth, to help our Portsmouth Middle School’s winning Destination Imagination Team: Dude and The Royal Flying Omelettes, get to the World Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee, May 23-27.

Destination Imagination is an “Olympics of the Mind” and this Portsmouth Middle School team are creative, dynamic, “Olympiads” in every sense of the word. Dude and The Royal Flying Omelettes brought home the gold when they won first place in their category at the recent Statewide Destination Imagination Tournament and have been asked to represent the State at the Global Finals to be held in Knoxville, Tennessee on Memorial Day weekend. This is prestigious not only for the State, but particularly for Portsmouth - this is the third year a Portsmouth team has represented Rhode Island at the Global Finals. It speaks highly of the caliber of student in the Portsmouth Schools.

Destination Imagination demands that the participants develop their creative problem-solving skills, create a strong and well-adjusted team, and further develop discipline and organization in order to complete the assigned tasks. The students are asked to solve problems both “on-the-fly” in the Instant Challenge category, and over a longer period of time in their larger and more complex Challenge. All assigned problems have designated parameters within which the students have to work. This in itself presents problems which need to be solved. The solutions are judged heavily on their creativity as well as their ultimate solving of the problem.

This Destination Imagination team had never have worked together before and so did not know each other’s strengths (and weaknesses). Amongst creative people differences of opinion obviously arise and the students learned to deal with these in creative ways all the while maintaining a strong team work ethic. This aspect of DI alone tests their individual and team merit and at each tournament Portsmouth students have shown their winning colors.

Dude and The Royal Flying Omelettes won First Place - and received some of the highest scores ever assigned at a tournament.

We hope for the continued success of the Destination Imagination program in Portsmouth.