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Press Release for ViewPoint Studios to submit to Trade Magazines

ViewPoint Studios Hugs Alice like The Real McCoys
TNN brings in ViewPoint to bring in the audience

Alice and The Real McCoys are back! Jumpin’ and jivin’ on TNN. They’re retro. We’re 2K. But then is now and their comeback sizzles thanks to the promo pizzazz delivered by ViewPoint Studios of Boston. This TNN package swings Alice into the summer lineup alongside The Real McCoys to offer a taste of 50's comedy and wry 70's humor to create a double slice of American life. Alice in a desert roadside diner, The Real McCoys in middle rural America.

As these two great shows return to TNN, so TNN returns to ViewPoint to reinvent their presence for today’s audience. The finely-honed touch of ViewPoint’s Designers Michael Frederick and Jane Holland shaped the package to blend both shows into a single identity while maintaining their separate and strongly independent position. Alice’s promo open snaps with brightly colored angles - motivated by the definitive diner logo. For The Real McCoys promo open Frederick and Holland chose a classic American family mailbox as the principal design icon melding it with black & white character images.

Original show footage was treated as hand-cut paper in step frame animation. This was then set against exaggerated Technicolor backgrounds with vignetting and limited depth of field to create the feel of viewing stereoscopic slides through an old Viewmaster.

The full package for TNN included bumpers, transitions and menu line-up pages for the two shows. The team capitalized on the retro flavor of the package and designed a drive-in movie theatre icon to evoke the atmosphere of times past.

Both shows premiered on TNN in June.

Viewpoint Studios, a renowned award-winning broadcast design, animation and visual effects firm, specializes in network station identity, brand image and main title animation, as well as promotional packaging. Among their broadcast clients ViewPoint counts ESPN, Animal Planet, The History Channel, Discovery Networks, PBS and Sci-Fi Channel. The studio’s commercial clients include Playskool, Eastpak, Bell Atlantic and Fidelity Investments.